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Plumb - Worlds Collide аккорды

Plumb - Worlds Collide аккорды и слова для гитары. Другие песни с аккордами исполнителя Plumb.

Artist: Plumb
Song:   Worlds Collide
CD: Candycoatedwaterdrops

Other chords:
C/B    x22010	Bm     x24432
Am7    x02010	Bm/A   x04432
Am7/G  302010	G      320033
D/C#   x4x232   G/F#   2x0033
Em     022000

Verse guitar tab (not in any order)

---C          F         Dm        G

NC               C                             F
We never talked about it, cause you never even cared
F                   Dm    G              C
And what you really wanted, I never even had
C                   F   Dm                 C
Cause what may seem right, and what may be wrong
C            F    G                  C
Seems out of sight, in this place we belong
C/B    Am7  Am7/G
Giving everything

D  D/C#  Bm   Bm/A      G
· Giving everything for love
G/F#        Em            A
I'm finding out that it's not enough
D         D/C#    Bm      Bm/A         G
· There's nothing left between you and I
G/F#        Em        A      Em
I'm finding faith but losing us
G     A         Dm
Where worlds collide

Verse 2:
Together we seemed perfect, a fairy tale for show
And looking on the outside, you'd never even know
That we're just not right when compromise is wrong
Seems out of sight, in this place we belong
Giving everything

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