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Uncle Tupelo - New Madrid аккорды

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Date: Wed, 30 Aug 95 11:01:07 -0400
From: Bill Filler
Subject: CRD: New Madrid by Uncle Tupelo

New Madrid
by Uncle Tupelo
from the album Anodyne

transcribed by Bill Filler

Intro:  A  Bm

A       D             A
All my daydreams are disasters
A       D             A
She's the one, I think I love
A     F#m           D
Rivers burn, men run backwards
A            D
And for her, that's enough

A       D              A
They all come from New York City
A       D          A
They woke me up at dawn
A    F#m             D
She walked with me to the fountain
A             D
She held onto my arm

C'mon do what you did
D            Bm
Roll me under New Madrid
D                                 E
Shake my baby and please bring her back
His death won't even be still
D               Bm
Carum's over the landfill
D              E             A
Buries us all in it's broken back

Verse   (same chords as first verse)

There's a man conviction

And although he's getting old

Mr. Browning has a prediction

We've all been told

So come on back to New York City

Roll your trucks in at dawn

Walk with me to the fountain

And hold onto my arm

last chorus ends like this
D - E - A - F# - D - E - A

there is a common walk up pattern used throughout (usually when
moving from the A to D). It goes 0-2-4 (on A string a-b-c#) to D

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