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Poco - Crazy Love аккорды

Poco - Crazy Love аккорды и слова для гитары. Другие песни с аккордами исполнителя Poco.

The actual song is played in E using normal fingerings for
these chords with a capo at the 4th fret. Hope it's OK.

Fmaj7 C

(1)Tonight I'm gonna break away
G     Fmaj7   C
Just you wait and see.
I'll never be imprisoned by
G   Fmaj7 C
a faded memory.

(2)Just when I think I'm over her,
G    Fmaj7    C
this broken heart will mend.
I hear her name and I have to cry,
G       Fmaj7 C
the tears come down again.

Chorus:		It happens all the time.
G       C
This crazy love of mine,
wraps around my heart
G     C
refusing to unwind.
Fmaj7 G  Fmaj7 C
Ooo  Ooo Crazy Love
Fmaj7 G  Fmaj7 C
Ahh   ha

(2)Count the stars in a summer sky,
that fall without a sound.
And then pretend that you can't hear
these tear drops coming down.


(4)Tonight I'm gonna break away
Just you wait and see
I'll never be imprisoned by
a faded memory.


C       Fmaj7
Tonight I'm gonna break away.

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