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Always The Sun - The Stranglers

Trascription By: Brett Matthews - [email protected]
6 Nov 1999
I Know this can be improved drastically but this is as basic as I can
put it.Please E-Mail with your improvements. Plus I'm not 100% sure
about the Chords but I,ve played it alongside the record and it's damn close.
Chords used:D           000232
E           022100
A           003330
G           320003
F##5sus4    224432 (I think!)
Intro : D G A G

Verse 1:
D                                                   G
How many times have you woken up and prayed for the rain

D                                                         G
And how many times have you seen the papers apportion the blame

A            G
Who gets the say

A                                  G
Who gets the work and who gets the pay

A                           G                        A
I was always told at school everybody should get the same

D                                                            G
How many times have you been told if you do'nt ask you do'nt get

D                                                                   G
How many lives have taken your money your mother said you should'nt bet

A               G    A                            E
And who has the fun, It's always the man with the gun

E                                G                    A
Someone must have told me if you work to hard you can sweat


F##sus4           D                G
Theres always the sun ( always the sun )

G                 F##sus4
Theres always the sun

D      F##sus4  G          A
Always,Always,- Always the sun

The solos are pretty easy to work out.
You can Muck around with the D ( open and closing the G & E strings )
As I said it needs vast improvement but I'm only a beginner and it plays well!!

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