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Neil Young - Peace And Love аккорды

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Craig Sihner

By Neil Young, 'Mirrorball' album, 1995
additional lyrics by Eddie Vedder (verses 3&5)

Intro Riff

E                           D
1.Peace and love    flying so high
E                              A
peace and love    too young to die
E                           D
Peace and love    now you decide
Stay for the children  you don't really want to go
D/A              D                 E
Can't feel it pulling like you did,   Peace and love

(intro riff)
E                        D
2.Peace and love    only a ride
E                          A
Strength is gone    dying inside
E                             D
Tell me now      what did you find
Found love in the people   livin' in a sacred land
D                  E     D   E  D
Found love in the people,  peace and love

(intro riff)

E D G A   E D G A    E         D        G       A      E
3.                     Found love, found hate saw my mistake
E          D     G       A      E
broke walls  of pain to walk again,
E     D      G         A       E
I saw  the dream,   I saw the wake
E        D     G         A       E
We shared  it all,  but not the take

E                              D
4.Peace and love    Lennon's goodbye
E                      A
Over now     living in time
E                            D
Broken bell,   a nurs - ery rhyme
Deserted by heroes,   strangers in your own land
D/A     D                              E  D  E D
No way to deny you, no way to deny you peace and love

(intro riff)

E D G A  E D G A  E     D     G       A        E
5.                  I took the role, I took the oath,
E     D    G       A      E
I took it all till I had most
E     D        G       A        E
I took what's left  I gave it breath
E    D    G           A       E   D  G  A        E
I had it all  once I gave it back!      gave it back!

ending - repeat  E D G A chords, last chord E with feedback.

on intro riff use heavy tremolo bar or string bending
also 2nd guitar plays E & D chords over it.
all chords are open   D/A = EADGBe
Note: the Eddie Vedder lyrics printed in the CD booklet are
not correct.  I've posted what he actually sings.
That's how I see it. Corrections, additions welcome.

Craig Sihner
[email protected]

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