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Coyne Kevin - There She Goes аккорды

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There She Goes (Kevin Coyne/Brian Godding - 1981) Go to Kevin's site to order the
album https://www.kevincoyne.de/
Tabbed by Seb the Koala

D            D/C            D/B                    D/Bb
E |--0--0-----------------0----------------------------------0--|
B |--3-----3--------3--3-----3-----------3--------3-------3-----|
G |--2--------2------------------------0---------------0--------|
D |--0-------------------------------0--------------0-----------|
A |--------------3--------------0-2----------1------------------|
E |-------------------------------------------------------------|

D         D/C    D/B	       D/Bb
There she goes	What am I going to say?
There she goes 	And she's gone away
There she goes 	And she'll be back again
There she goes, 	Looking at the little fat man

A               A7      D/F#                  G
Destroyed on drink	Crawling around the room
A                           A7   D/F#           G
Believing the voices in his head His head is a tomb
A                     A7             D/F#               E
Filled with paraphernalia	From dreadful, lonely years
A                          A/G             D/F#           G
But she's here, yes she's here, yes she's here, right here

D         D/C       D/B	            D/Bb
There it goes, 	The same old story again
There it goes, 	Spot the happy man
There it goes, 	A heart and a soul for me
There it goes, 	Endlessly and endlessly

Why was I crying at the window last night? Why was I holding on my pillow?
And I had to bite and bite And why was I screaming in those empty years?
Maybe there's been too many, too many savage tears

A shrinking violet, I'm never likely to be
Because I insist on being little me
So when I scream and sometimes hate
You know I love you just the same
Cause you know your name, you know your name I love the sound of your lovely name

There she goes, 	Don't frighten her away
There she goes, 	What can I say?
There she goes, 	Got me, got me everywhere
There she goes, 	Screaming that she cares

Touch me, touch me, like you, like you know you do I'm just a little old fashioned
But relying on touching you Let me feel you river of hair
Rolling down my chest Cause I love you, I love you, you're the best

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