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Cheap Trick - Stiff Competition аккорды

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From: Glen Norman Pavan

artist:  Cheap Trick
title:  Stiff Competition
album:  Heaven Tonight
key:  A
tuning:  standard  E A D G

main riff



play riff four times

first verse   play riff 8 times

Stiff competition  If I go up you take me higher
Stiff competition  And when I'm down you take me higher


There's (E)stiff competition (D)  A)all over the (D) (E) world (D) (A) (D)
(E)I screw you you screw (D) (A)me They screw us here we go (D) (E)again
(D) (A) (D)


(B)Oh (A) (B)right (A) (B)We have so much fun (A)when we're toget(B)her
(A)When we're toget(B)her (A)When we're toget(B)her


(D)Now (Bb) (D) (Bb) I looked (D)hard in your (Bb)eyes
It was (D)love at first (Bb)sight
It took me (D)minutes you're still (Bb)waiting waiting for your (D)turn
your (Bb)turn it won't be long

repeat entire song

second verse lyrics

Stiff competition
I work hard everyday of my life
Stiff competition
Get it up you take me higher

outro-  play riff until fade

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