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Eskobar - Into Space
Submitted by Halfdan Baadsvik

I just got these chords mailed to me by the three
wize men themselves, so they should be correct.

A Em D G

F#             B        F#           B
Some go into space to find another race
F#                B         F#                   B
Some say it's a waste and some they rest their case
F#                        B        D
I've got love in my own place To me it's a waste this
F#          B        D       B
I find no trace in you, in you

You gotta take your time, free your mind
Em                             D
Leaving you and me behind Don't you ever cross that line
To where you can't let go
You have to open up, step inside
A universe within you'll find You don't have to travel
To be aware and know

Somewhere in the haze I remember a kiss with a taste
Remember the days when this was a beautiful place
And through this journey in space it's me who got me amazed
I find no values to prace in you, in you

To make the chords in the chorus less boring, try to switch between major and sus2 on the A and D, major and 7 on the G
and minor and minor7 on the Em. Try to make it sound like the riff. I'll submit it (the riff) along with all matter of guitar on the record as soon as I tab it out.

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