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Bowling For Soup - Life After Lisa аккорды

Bowling For Soup - Life After Lisa аккорды и слова для гитары. Другие песни с аккордами исполнителя Bowling For Soup.

I only heard this song twice, and I got off some chords,
But this is a great song, and easy to play for any stage.

Standard Tuning

C major    D minor (Dm) G major     A minor (Am)
x32010 or   xx0323 or   320003 or   x02210
332010      x00323      355433

Melody 1
C            G
I'm wakin up and bakin'
C            G
Watchin' the parade cuz
C               Dm         G
Today's the day I got over you...
C              G
Takin' out the trash,
C               G
And the pictures that I stashed
C      Dm     Dm  C Dm   G
Of the two of us in 1992

Melody 2
Dm                        C
You stole my heart when Eddie Veder was king,
Dm                         C
I gave you a foot massage, I gave you my ring,
Dm                                 C
You left me for a drummer cuz you said I couldn't sing,
Dm       Dm  C
But thaaat's ooo-kaaaay

G    C
Cuz there'll be Nooo moore
Mountain climbin' in the raain...
G    C
Nooo Mooore...
Long hair cloggin' up the drain...
G    C
Nooo Mooore...
Life will never be the same...
Dm           Dm                   C
Life without Lisa's not so bad at all

Melody 1
Saw you with the dude
Who gave us our first tattoo
Did he cover up my name, that was fast?...
(Can you) Believe that I'm alive,
Still not workin' nine to five,
And my little band is kickin' some ass...

Melody 2
So when you asked me if I hated you now,
It's not you it's just all the times I missed out,
On sleeping with your girlfriend every time you passed out,
But thaat's oo-kaaay.


I'll bet you're thinkin' too yourself
That you'll find someone else like me
But all I've gotta say
Is there ain't no f**king way

That you're getting me to say I'm sooorrry (not today)


Dm Dm
Cleaning up the house again
C  C
Listening to House of Pain
Dm Dm
Havin' headaches in my brain
C  C
Listening to you complain
Dm Dm
Shoppin' at the mall again
C  C
I'm outta rhymes I gotta say
Dm           Dm                   C-G
Life without Lisa's not so bad at all - CHORUS 4x

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