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Coyne Kevin - Old Soldier аккорды

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Old Soldier (Kevin Coyne - 1973)

Tabbed by seboddos ake zappy the koala

Intro: D  A

D                    A	        D                               A
Standing in a corner...All alone	You know I'd like to take you...Drag you home
D              A         D                A
Chest full of medals... every one of them clay
D                        A                B
One of yesterday's heroes who's had his day

Why, why, why, why? (x3)
C                                    E
Old soldier, why, why, old soldier, why?

D             A                 D                       A
Nobody cares, why should they?	It's true, it's true, I know, you've really had your day
D                A
Abrasive comments from rich passers-by
D                                     A
You really should get a job you know, no matter if you're ninety-five


Cm#                        B
Still I'd like to take you on a new campaign
Bring a little sunshine into your life
Instead of all that driving rain


D           A                    D
Days go on, you can't change	Not enough left of you to rearrange
D                              A               D
Drink after drink after drink, you know you stink
D                            A                 D
Build up something new, Lord, it makes me think


Tell me why, old soldier, why?, please tell me why, somebody tell me why (ad lib)

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