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Cheap Trick - Walk Away аккорды

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From: Glen Norman Pavan

artist:  Cheap Trick
title:  Walk Away
album:  Busted
key:  D/b
tuning:  standard E A D G


(D)  (Em7)  (A)     four times

first verse

You think that it's (D)funny. (Em7) (G) (A) You think I'm a (D)fool
(Em7) (G) (A)  It's nothing I (D)needed. (Em7) (G) (A)  Just
something to (D)do.  (Em7)  (G) (A)

first bridge

Out of (A)touch (F#)out of (Bb)time.  It's not (A)easy (F#)to (Bb)find.
(A)These (F#)two (Bb)hearts are (A)broken (F#)before they (Bb)start


(Em7)Walk a(A7)way   (Em7)Walk a(A7)way
(D)I (Em7)don't (A)mind  (B) (A) (D)I (Em7)don't (A)mind (B) (A)

second verse

Don't act like you're worried  I'm feeling no pain.  You got what
you needed   Your fun little game

second bridge

Stoned and confused, I know.  It's not easy to hold on
We've been hiding, pretending, cheating and lying.

chorus twice

guitar solo-instrumental part

(Em7)  (A7)        three times

bridge three

(A)Don't know who to thank (F#)who to (Bb)blame
We were (A)lovers (F#)just the (Bb)same.
(A)Start (F#)in (Bb)stoppin (A)Over and (F#)over and (Bb)over.

repeat chorus to fade

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-I'm here, I'm queer, I play 5-string bass

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