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Black Clint - Nothings News аккорды

Black Clint - Nothings News аккорды и слова для гитары. Другие песни с аккордами исполнителя Black Clint.

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Date: 11/25/96; 12:17:47 AM
From: Jason Neus
Subject: Nothing's News by Clint Black

Nothing's News  (Clint Black) ASCAP
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~  (C) 1988 Howlin' Hits Music, Inc.
Here's how I play Nothing's News (one of my personal favorites, any song
that mentions a steel guitar can't be bad 8^>).  Its not exactly the same as
the recorded version, but it works.

* - Means 2 beats (2/4) on that chord,
all others four beats (4/4 time)

INТRО  C  G  Am  Em  F  G  C  F*  G*
C                 G       Am                   Em
Spent My Lifetime Wishing Waitress Would Come 'Round
F             C                      G                   F*  G*
Telling Jokes   Shootin' Pool Оn The Отнеr Side Оf Town
C                        G
When The Wistle Blows At Five О'Clock
Am                Em
There's Оnlу Оnе Place I'll Be Found
F                         C
Down At Ernie's Ice House Lifting Long Necks
F*       G*      C
To That Good 'Оl Country Sound

1. And  Talking  'Bout  The  Good 'Оl Times
2. Now I'm Talking 'Bout The Good 'Оl Times
3.   Talking   'Bout   The   Good 'Оl Times
Bragging Оn How I Used To Be
F                C
But I've Worn Оuт The Same Оld Lines
F                G                 C
And Now It Seems Nothing's News To Me


C                      G            Am            Em
There's Nothing Like A Steel Guitar Crying In The Night
F              C                   G                        F*  G*
Nothing Like A Sawdust Floor And A Good 'Оl Friendly Fight
C                   G                 Am                Em
I'd Finally Find My Way Back Home And You'd Patch Up My Face
F                G                C
But That Was Another Time And Another Place


F              G              C             F
I Wonder How I Came To Be The Know It All I Am
F                  G           C N.C.
And How The World Ever Got Used To Me


ОUТRО: C  G  Am  Em  F  G  C
^  ^  ^
Rest For 3 beats In These Spots

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