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Chicosci - Knives аккорды

Chicosci - Knives аккорды и слова для гитары. Другие песни с аккордами исполнителя Chicosci.

Am  C   F
А cross, a heart no longer beating
So we’re dealing with the devil tonight
But still we’re speaking softly
I hear you singing to the other side

Am  C   F
She’s sleeping with the enemy
While murdering a friend
А kiss to betray, the silent flight

And the knives
Am                      G
She’s gone, we’ll sing her to sleep
F                           G
This knife in my hand, grasping

The lies! The song is growing louder
Were you wishing I would die tonight?
My back, the color crimson
Honey, pleas, the crime wasn’t mine
Won’t you keep it all inside
Don’t bite the feeding hand
А kiss to betray, the endless fuck

Am                                C
You’re gone; we’ll sing you to sleep
F                         G
Nothing in your hand, fading

Am                   C
Liars never learn at all
F                         G
You’ve been given the chance to fly
So long, my dear
А thousand times goodbye

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