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Date: Tue, 25 Mar 97 04:59:42 UT
From: John Crawford
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Yesterday I sent this song. This is a corrected version.
Untanglin' My Mind
Clint Black & Merle Haggard (CD Clint Black,One Emotion,BMG)
D			A7		D
I guess you're glad to see I'm finally leaving
Em		   A7		      Em    A7
I know things for you will change now for the good
G				 D
but it's all i can do to pack my suitcase
Em				   A7
and walk away from you the way I should

D		    A7			D
and I can't seem to find the voice of reason
Em			A7		    Em	   A7
everything seems upside down and right side wrong
G					  D
while a part of me is here and won't like leaving
Em		   A7		 D
the rest of me the best of me is gone

G			 C		   D
and I'm sure no one will wonder where I've gone to
G		     F		      C
but if anyone should ask from time to time
G		   C		    D
tell them that you finally drove me crazy
D		  A		D
and I'm somewhere untanglin' my mind


well tell 'em I won't be riding I'll be walking

'cause I don't think a crazy man should drive

anyway the car belongs to you now

along with any part of me that's still alive


but there's really not much left you could hold on to

and if you did it wouldn't last here anyway

it would head to where the rest of me rolled on to

so even if I wanted to I couldn't stay
repeat chorus : then: and I'm somewhere untanglin' my mind

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